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TheSocialGeeks Episode 38 – Hidden Bieber In You

Join Caleb Elston, Robert Murray, Liz Money, Sarah Perez and myself as we dug deep into Facebook Timeline, Klout scores, Amazon tablet browser security, Netflix split

TheSocialGeeks Episode 37 – Google Hangout hangout

In this first time video edition of TheSocialGeeks, we test out Google Hangout and give our impressions on the features and functions.

TheSocialGeeks Episode 36 – Hurry and load Skype for Windows

A packed show with Twiiter buying TweetDeck, Kindle tablet, Google Music, Microsoft buys Skype, Google I/O, AOL and video, Netflix for Android and Empire Avenue

TheSocialGeeks Episode 35 – Tungle, Delicious, Yobongo, Fring

The entire crew joins in for Tungle sale to RIM, BlackBerry Playbook, Yobongo futures, Delicious sale, SMS divorces and Fring