Category: Google

TheSocialGeeks Episode 46 – Even Creepier

Facebook spends $1B, Google Plus redesigns, and PlaceMe makes location services even creepier. Join Robert Murray, Michael Cummings, Corvida and hosted by Chris Miller. Special appearance by Wayne Sutton

TheSocialGeeks Episode 40 – Cover Your Face

Liz Money, Corvida, Sarah Perez and Chris Miller look at facial recognition, Google Plus and the President,, and pepperspray

TheSocialGeeks Episode 39 – Slow Death by Even More

Liz Money, Sarah Perez and Chris Miller talk Google Reader, Google Plus pages, circle management, purchase and launch

TheSocialGeeks Episode 37 – Google Hangout hangout

In this first time video edition of TheSocialGeeks, we test out Google Hangout and give our impressions on the features and functions.