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TheSocialGeeks Episode 42 – New New New New

Join Robert Murray, Michael Cummings and myself as we have great conversations around:

  • Facebook Timeline security and implementation
  • Facebook releases an update to Android first?
  • SOPA (please get involved)
  • The new, new, new, new Twitter and why Chris doesn’t have it
  • and always more

TheSocialGeeks Episode 36 – Hurry and load Skype for Windows

Join Wayne Sutton, Robert Murray, Jeff Smith, Corvida and myself  The topics are fast and furious as we cover:

  • Twitter buying Tweetdeck
  • Kindle tablet
  • Google Music in the cloud
  • Microsoft buying Skype
  • Google I/O announcements
  • AOL enters the video chat realm
  • Netflix for Android
  • Empire Avenue


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TheSocialGeeks Episode 34 – My dog just coughed

What started as a short list went into great conversations around:

  • UberMedia and the Twitter clone
  • Photosharing application clones
  • What apps survived from SXSW
  • Music streaming services and cloud storage
  • and always more..

Join Wayne Sutton, Sarah Perez (ReadWriteWeb), and myself in this ~52 minute roundtable.

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TheSocialGeeks Episode 31 – you look like my cat

Join Caleb Elston , Julian Robichaux and myself in a jam packed hour roundtable covering the most recent news in social media including:

  • Yahoo layoffs and video closing
  • Facebook suggested photo tagging launch
  • Facebook photo bombing
  • Twitter receiving $200M in funding
  • Clicker integration with Facebook launch
  • Can you be fired for free speech
  • new site: Is It the Onion?

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TheSocialGeeks Episode 29 – a retweet costs how much

The three of us roll through:

  • Twitter’s announcements and new UI
  • How the new UI could affect third-party Twitter developers (TheSocialNetworker article )
  • Google ME
  • can Google ME take on Facebook and what is different
  • and more….

The roundtable discussion with Caleb Elston, Corvida , and myself (IdoNotes). Just at 50 minutes in length.

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