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TheSocialGeeks Episode 36 – Hurry and load Skype for Windows

Join Wayne Sutton, Robert Murray, Jeff Smith, Corvida and myself  The topics are fast and furious as we cover:

  • Twitter buying Tweetdeck
  • Kindle tablet
  • Google Music in the cloud
  • Microsoft buying Skype
  • Google I/O announcements
  • AOL enters the video chat realm
  • Netflix for Android
  • Empire Avenue


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TheSocialGeeks Episode 23 – JeffisaGeek Yawns

A lighting fast review of the hottest opinions this week on a range of topics.  Join Jeff,  Wayne and myself as we run through::

Twitter lists – opinions, not how it works
Google’s purchase of adMob
Google Latitude history and alerts
Motorola Droid
Android 2.0 comments  – airplane mode, offline ability
Thoughts on merging Android 2.0, adMob ads, location services and ad driven mobile OS
Twitter retweet and recalled
Tweetdeck on the iPhone update
Future show topics
(some outtakes)

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