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TheSocialGeeks Episode 47 – He doesn’t share photos

TheSocialGeeks Episode 47 share photos

The roundtable commences with Chris Miller, Michael Cummings and Robert Murray to discuss:

  • Facebook camera
  • Color relaunches with no fanfare
  • Flipboard for Android
  • promoted Facebook posts
  • Yahoo Axis

TheSocialGeeks Episode 46 – Even Creepier

TheSocialGeeks Episode 46 even creepier

Facebook spends a billion dollars for some pictures and an app, Google Plus redesigns the user interface and PlaceMe makes location services even creepier.

TheSocialGeeks roundtable comes to order with Robert Murray, Michael Cummings, Corvida and hosted by Chris Miller.  Special appearance by Wayne Sutton

TheSocialGeeks Episode 44 – Pimpin Pinner

TheSocialGeeks Episode 44 pimpin pinner
An exceptional roundtable with Jeff Smith, Michael Cummings, Robert Murray and Chris Miller covering the latest social media site news.

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We tackle:
  • Path and Addressgate
  • Rapportive being bought by LinkedIn
  • Pinterest is skimming affiliate links
  • Facebook makes more Timeline and photo changes
  • Isnt’t there always more?

TheSocialGeeks Episode 42 – New New New New

Join Robert Murray, Michael Cummings and myself as we have great conversations around:

  • Facebook Timeline security and implementation
  • Facebook releases an update to Android first?
  • SOPA (please get involved)
  • The new, new, new, new Twitter and why Chris doesn’t have it
  • and always more

TheSocialGeeks Episode 41 – The Right Path

Join Caleb Elston, Robert MurrayWayne Sutton and myself as we have great conversations around:

  • Facebook buys Gowalla.  What was the real purpose?
  • Is Path.com the new mobile app to beat?
  • If you have a whim to do something, Whim is the mobile app you need.
  • Are we too far ahead of the adoption curve of the normal user?


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